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2 weeks ago a client in the wine industry decided (after much debate and scepticism) to implement an idea that would:

  1. Increase transactional volume and value across independent liquor stores nationally over an 8hr period.
  2. Increase customer loyalty.
  3. Maintain if not exceed current margin levels.
  4. Create further product sell-in opportunities.

…Well that was the plan!

So How Did It Turn Out:

  1. Sales Increased by a massive 9 times the average daily sales.
  2. The company recorded its biggest EVER sales day in over 20 years of business.
  3. Two of their sales team generated twice their average monthly sales in 1 day.
  4. 73% of customers purchased the following week.
  5. Sales for the following week were three times the weekly average.
  6. Quoting opportunities across non-traditional lines were up 67%.

…To Say Their Pretty Happy Is An Understatement!

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