Sales Force Management Services Function

When Sales Performance is your Product - what you live and breathe - your expertise is a resource of great value across many facets of the sales environment.

Great Sales Teams are a result of Great Management.

With the culture of an organisation stemming from the products or service offering, it's no wonder that many organisations struggle when it comes to delivering absolute performance from what is not their core skill - sales force performance management.

At SalesReps we live and breath sales force performance management. We have developed in our 20 plus years of sales force management, not just a culture of performance management, but the processes and systems to ensure accountability, compliance and performance are at the core of everything we do. The Performance Management offering at SalesReps allows clients to integrate our management practices, processes and systems into their existing sales management practices. With a focus on the minutes and moments of each sales person's day, our Performance Managers work every day to positively effect the performance of each and every member of our clients sales team. Daily reports, that critique each individual against KPI's, team benchmarking as well as Volume and Value ensure that each team member is accountable, compliant and performance focused.

By adding this layer of Performance Management, we allow traditional sales management to focus on channel and market opportunities while ensuring the Performance Manager is focus of people performance and subsequently opportunioty realisation.