Retail Sales Consultants

When Sales is your Product - what you live and breathe - your expertise is a resource of great value across many facets of the sales environment.

Many organisations struggle with managing sales people when their culture is derived from their product or service offering.

With retail sales such a competitive market you need to ensure that every Retail Sales Consultant is working the right hours, at the right stores, converting the highest % of inquiries to sales, whilst being motivated, driven, compliant and complimentary to your brands values.

At SalesReps we have over 100 staff employed in retailers across Australia, that everyday are monitored, measured, motivated and driven to succeed.

Every Retail Sales Consultant we engage represents the one client only, is employed by SalesReps Australia and reports to one of highly impressive Performance Managers.

No customer knows we exist, they simply engage with a highly professional, well trained and service and sales focused professional.