When & Why

Organisations from Global Brand Leaders to local SMEs engage the services of SalesReps Australia for many reasons.

Organisations from Global Brand Leaders to Local SMEs engage the services of SalesReps Australia.  

  • Specific Customer Channels are under margin stress with the current cost of representation too high for the required service levels.
  • Specific regions cannot support full-time representation, yet low-cost local representation would be beneficial to meeting sales growth growth objectives.
  • Customers require less frequent technical representation and more service focused engagement.
  • Current management practices don’t exist to a level that can support the compliance required of a field based customer service programme.
  • The culture of the organisation is product and not sales, as such integrating specialised sales management practices will aid in revenue generation.
  • Customer acquisition strategies have not delivered results when current sales force resources have been realigned to a task they are not comfortable in undertaking.
  • Sell-through at a customer level is not in-line with expectations.
  • Current sales force is over paid for the roles they are undertaking.

If there is a sales challenge then we can offer advice, direction or a solution that will assist in exceeding sales expectations.