Enretech, a specialised Spill Management solutions provider has engaged SalesReps Australia to recruit, employ and co-manage a team of sales professionals across various regions of Australia. The team will focus on building value based relationships with key industrial product resellers and their industrial customers.

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After years of continued growth, the very stylish and sophisticated Hume Internationale (www.humeinternationale.com) has entered into an agreement with SalesReps Australia that will see Business Development Professionals engaged in NSW, VIC & QLD. The team will cost Hume International half that of a traditionally employed sales person including compliance based management and measurement provided by…  


Gunnebo (www.gunnebo.com.au) is a world leader in security products with over 5,500 employees and offices in 32 countries. After learning of SalesReps Australia, Gunnebo has engaged SalesReps to establish a sales team across NSW and VIC that will focus on new customer channels within the retail sector.


Snap West Melbourne has continued to perform well under the sales structure adopted across many Snap centers Australia wide. With new client growth and conversion strong this franchise has embraced the methodology and practices of SalesReps Australia for great success.

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With the success of RepChecks, Sales Services Australia has launched the Customer Engagement Group. CEG will focus on providing in-depth insights into the customer engagement experience post the purchase of a product or service. The service offering see customers that have a bought items such as cars, TVs, Fridges, Holidays as well as services such…