18 05, 2016

Customer Engagement Offering Builds Knowledge.

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With the success of RepChecks, Sales Services Australia has launched the Customer Engagement Group. CEG will focus on providing in-depth insights into the customer engagement experience post the purchase of a product or service. The service offering see customers that have a bought items such as cars, TVs, Fridges, Holidays [...]

4 05, 2016

Austramedex Takes Surgical Approach to Channel

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Austramedex (www.austramedex.com) has been manufacturing medical devices for over 20 years and is now with the assistance of a specialist sales force, they have expanded their clinical customer market across skin care practices Australia wide. The team have all been recruited with a background in medical channels and will work [...]

29 01, 2015

SNAP Programme Expands – Big Time

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With the first stage of BDPs (Business Development Professional) in the market just 3 months, the 2nd stage of an aggressive roll-out by Snap Franchising Limited, has seen further Snap Centres in NSW & Victoria added to the programme. The programme is now led by 2 Programme Managers, who work [...]